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Man Shoots Friend to Death for Being Atheist

A debate about religion ended in the shooting death of twenty-five-year-old atheist Dzuy Duhn Phan.

From CBS San Francisco:

Yim killed 25-year-old Dzuy Duhn Phan after a night of partying and playing video games. Another friend, Paul Park, testified the two men had engaged in a heated discussion about God.

Yim became enraged and grabbed his gun after Phan asked Yim where God was when Yim’s father died of a stroke several years earlier.

Yim shot Phan at least six times… faces 126 years to life in prison.

murderer Atheist murdered after heated religious debate with God fearing friend

Now, I’m not super religious, but I’m pretty sure there’s a commandment spelling out how murder is so not something God’s cool about..

This is also worth mentioning: “33-year-old Douglas Yim was also found guilty Tuesday of assault with a firearm and mayhem for shooting a second friend in his living room two years ago.” Well, now he’s got plenty of time to pray about his anger issues.

Via Death and Taxes.

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3 Plead Guilty to Hate Crime for Murder of Black Man

Seal of the United States Department of Justice

Seal of the United States Department of Justice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three white Mississippi men pleaded guilty to federal hate crimes in connection with the June 2011 beating death of an African-American man in Jackson.

Deryl Dedmon, John Aaron Rice, and Dylan Butler admitted to killing James Craig Anderson. They face life in prison and $250,000 fine.

Mr. Dedmon had already pleaded guilty to state murder and hate-crime charges Wednesday in a state court and was sentenced to life in prison.

The men are among the first defendants to be prosecuted under the federal hate-crime statute that President Barack Obama signed in 2009.

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Ohio Justice Who Helped Write Capital Punishment Law Calls for Its Repeal

Death penalty statutes in the united states

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An Ohio Supreme Court justice who helped write the state’s death penalty law urged lawmakers Wednesday to repeal it.

“This is where the decision is made as to what should be the ultimate penalty,” Justice Paul Pfeifer, a Republican, said at an Ohio House of Representatives committee hearing. “I have concluded that the death sentence makes no sense to me at this point when you can have life without possibility of parole. I don’t see what society gains from that.”

Justice Pfeifer called on Republican Governor John Kasich in January to end capital punishment. A spokesman for the governor immediately shot down Pfeifer’s suggestion.

Wednesday marked the first time he testified before lawmakers that the death penalty should be repealed.

In 2003, Justice Pfeifer raised concerns about whether the death penalty was applied evenly based on race and geography during testimony before a House committee.

After his testimony, Justice Pfeifer said he doesn’t expect much support for his position in the GOP-controlled legislature either. Nevertheless, he laid out his case against the punishment, which he referred to as a “death lottery.”

Justice Pfeifer was testifying in support of House Bill 160, which would abolish the death penalty and resentence death row inmates to life in prison without parole.

Justice Pfeifer was chairman of the Ohio Senate’s Judiciary Committee in 1981 when the death penalty statute became law. Executions resumed in Ohio until 1999. Since then, the state has executed forty-six inmates. Twelve more are scheduled by September 2013.

Pfeifer said the punishment was meant for the “worst of the worst” — but that is not always the case today. He also said the punishment is not an effective deterrent.

Via Cleveland.com.

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California Advocates Push to Repeal Capital Punishment

Map of death penalty

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Anti-death penalty advocates in California are making a push to end capital punishment in 2012. In that state, death penalty abolitionists have gathered hundreds of thousands of signatures to place a measure on the November ballot.

Advocates say 2010 could be their best opportunity to replace the death penalty with life without the possibility of parole, pointing to shifts in public opinion, rising concern over execution costs, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber’s decision to place a moratorium on capital punishment, and Troy Davis’s execution. In California, the drive for a referendum could get a boost by appearing on the Presidential election-year ballot.

The system is not just broken, anti-death penalty activists say, but far too costly.

In California, where voters passed capital punishment over thirty years ago, the state’s budget crisis spells an opportunity for success in 2012. A recent study found California has spent roughly $4 billion to carry out thirteen executions since the death penalty was reinstated in 1978. The $4 billion figure comes from all costs funding the death penalty system in California, including the trials, appeals, death-row housing, healthcare of inmates, and the executions themselves.

The campaign has collected 240,000 signatures. California requires 504,000 signatures for the referendum to make it onto the ballot. The campaign is aiming to send about 750,000 by the end of February.

California, where voters must make the decision through the referendum process, seeks to capitalize on a swing in public opinion. A Gallup poll conducted after Mr. Davis was executed in September showed support for the death penalty has fallen to a thirty-nine-year low nationwide.

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Court of Appeals Allows Life Sentences for Minors

Seal of the United States Court of Appeals for...

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On Wednesday, a The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals court held that juveniles convicted of murder can be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The United States Supreme Court has already ruled that juveniles cannot be sentenced to death, nor can they be sentenced to life in prison without parole for non-homicide offenses.

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Somali Pirates Get Life Term

I have taken an image of the MV Faina with the...

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Two Somali pirates accused of hijacking an American boat and murdering four of its passengers have been sentenced to life in prison. Their co-conspirators will be sentenced in a few weeks.

Burhan Abdirahman Yusuf and Ali Abdi Mohamed are among eleven men who have pleaded guilty over the February hijacking of the American yacht Quest near the coast of Oman.

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