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China Imprisons Blogger for Mocking Communist Chief

Administration maps of Chongqing, China

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In February, China launched a campaign against dissent which results in detention without trial for those criticizing the government.

On April 24, blogger Fang Hong was detained and sentenced to serve one year in a Chongqing re-education labor camp for mocking the chief of Chongqing’s Communist party on his blog.

According to Fang Hong’s son, Fang Di, his father was told to go to the police station, his home was placed under surveillance, and his utilities were turned off.

Last month, following the detention of Fang Hong, China set up a command center dedicated to controlling the information on the internet, leaving many fearful that internet regulation will be increased in the future.

Via Impunity Watch.

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U.S. To Ease Cuba Travel Restrictions

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A White House official announced on Friday that the United States will loosen restrictions on Cuba. The new regulations would allow greater leeway for religious and educational trips and would allow Americans to send up to $500 in remittances every three months to any Cuban unconnected with the communist government.

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