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Bridge Needed to Prevent Crocodile Attacks

By the Angwa River in northern Zimbabwe, children trekking to and from school must cross crocodile-infested waters. You can imagine how much these children want to go to school to take such risks.

Last year, on his way home from school, Hardlife Kawara and his friends were washing in the river when a crocodile attacked him. His friends got scared and ran, but his brother grabbed his wrist and held it tightly while the crocodile tried to pull Hardlife under the water. After a long struggle, the crocodile let go, but it took with it part of Hardlife’s leg.

Hardlife now needs a new artificial leg as the one in this picture is now too small.

Hardlife, 12, after his crocodile attack with his prosthetic leg. Photo Credit: Sophie Hamandishe

In the first three months of 2011, seven children in this area were attacked by crocodiles.

A foot bridge would keep the children safe and would allow kids to cross the river during the six months of the year that it floods. Save the Children, which is raising funds to build this foot bridge, estimates that the bridge will cost about $60,000.

Until that money is raised, Save the Children is also holding workshops in the community to teach children to protect themselves and avoid crocodile and lion attacks.

Please click here to read more and donate if it is at all possible for you to do so. Thanks for all that you do!

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