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Gingrich Clashes with Other Candidates over Illegal Immigration

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Representative Michele Bachmann renewed her attack on Saturday of Newt Gingrich over illegal immigration, saying he favors “amnesty” for all illegal immigrants.

Rep. Bachmann released a letter that Mr. Gingrich signed in 2004 supporting a proposal by President Bush for a guest-worker program that would have given undocumented workers employee benefits.

Rep. Bachmann called Mr. Gingrich “the most liberal G.O.P. candidate on the issue of immigration reform.”

The issue arose after a debate on Tuesday night in which Mr. Gingrich called for a “humane” solution for illegal immigrants.

The Republican base has moved to the right on the issue since Pres. Bush floated his guest-worker program, which he dropped before his 2004 re-election campaign.

Republican primary voters disapprove of any program suggesting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

On Wednesday, Mr. Romney attacked Mr. Gingrich for tying legal status to the time someone has been in the country. “How about someone who has been here 20 years?” he said. “How about 12 years? How about 10? 5? 3?” He, too, labeled Mr. Gingrich’s proposal “amnesty.”

Mr. Gingrich said Friday at a campaign appearance that his Republican rivals were twisting his position. He repeated his support for a system to give legal status to some who have long been in the U.S., stating the least would be twenty-five years. He would leave the choice to grant legal status to local community boards.

Mr. Gingrich said he would secure the Mexican border by January 1, 2014 and fine businesses that hired undocumented workers, but in suggesting anything less than deporting all 11 million illegal immigrants, he opens himself up to charges of “amnesty.’’

Rep. Bachmann, who has made a hard line on illegal immigration a signature of her campaign, repeated that Mr. Gingrich favors amnesty for all 11 million.

The February 2004 letter that she circulated, printed in The Wall Street Journal, was an indication of how conservative opinion has shifted on the issue. Among its signatories was Ed Goeas, who earlier this year was an adviser to Mrs. Bachmann.


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Lord’s Resistance Army Commander Granted Amnesty

On Thursday, Uganda‘s highest court ordered amnesty and release for a rebel commander from the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) who was charged with 53 counts of willful murder.

Lord’s Resistance Army Commander Thomas Kwoyelo (Photo Courtesy of usaforicc.org)

Lord’s Resistance Army Commander Thomas Kwoyelo (Photo Courtesy of usaforicc.org)

Uganda’s Constitutional Court ruled that Thomas Kwoyelo, a former colonel in the LRA, is eligible for immunity even though he is charged with 53 counts of murder against civilians, destruction of personal property, hostage taking, kidnapping, and robbery.

Kwoyelo denied all the charges and petitioned the Constitutional Court for amnesty. The decision to grant amnesty was based on a 2000 amnesty law that has been used to pardon more than 10,000 LRA fighters.

Kwoyelo was taken into custody in March 2009 in Garamba forest in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Some of the LRA’s commanders, including Joseph Kony, have eluded capture and continue to commit atrocities in neighboring countries.


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