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Video of Rape in South Africa Goes Viral

South Africa (orthographic projection)

South Africa (orthographic projection) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A group of Soweto youths in South Africa filmed themselves raping a seventeen-year-old mentally ill girl.

The cellphone video has gone viral among school children, and #rapevideo was trending on Twitter in South Africa on Wednesday.

The Daily Sun, a South African tabloid, alerted the police after a mother whose daughter was watching the video handed it over to the paper on Tuesday.

The suspects, aged between fourteen and twenty, were arrested Tuesday morning and charged with kidnapping and rape.

The girl’s mother reported her missing on March 21.

Media reports suggest the police initially failed to open a missing persons case, but that they have since done so.

Police suspect the girl was kidnapped and turned into a sex slave.

A local radio station got hold of the video and has been getting requests to post it.

Via CNN.

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Kristof Tackles Tale of 12-Year-Old Forced into Prostitution

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 30JAN10 - Nicholas D. Krist...

Nicholas D. Kristof, Columnist, The New York Times, USA is captured during the session 'Redesign Your Cause' of the Annual Meeting 2010 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 30, 2010. Copyright by World Economic Forum. by Monika Flueckiger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you think sex trafficking only happens in faraway places like Nepal or Thailand, then you read Nicholas Kristof‘s latest article in The New York Times.

The article recounts an interview he had recently with a sex trafficking expert.

Mr. Kristof calls her Brianna. She turned sixteen years old yesterday, and she grew up in New York City.

When she was twelve years old, she got into a fight with her mom and ran out to join friends. A friend’s older brother told her she could stay at his place.

When she tried to leave in the morning, he said, “You can’t go; you’re mine.” He told her that he was a pimp, and that she was now his property.

The pimp locked her in the room and alternately beat her and showed her affection. He advertised her on and on other Web sites.

Backpage accounts for about 70% of America’s prostitution ads, according to AIM Group, a trade organization. Backpage cooperates with police and tries to screen out ads for underage girls, but that didn’t help Brianna.

Village Voice Media owns Backpage. When Mr. Kristof wrote recently about the ownership of Backpage, invested firms erupted in excuses and self-pity and raced to liquidate their stakes.

Mr. Kristof met Brianna at Gateways, a treatment center for girls who have been sexually trafficked. It’s thirty-five miles north of New York City, on a sprawling estate overseen by the Jewish Child Care Association. Gateways has accepted girls as young as eleven. Virtually all the girls were sold on Backpage, according to the center’s director.

Gateways has only thirteen beds, and the need is so great that it turns away girls every day.

The public sometimes assumes that teenage girls in the sex trade are working without coercion. Most aren’t physically imprisoned by pimps, but threats and violence are routine. The girls explain that they didn’t try to escape because of a complex web of emotions, including fear of the pimp, affection, and a measure of Stockholm syndrome.

Once, Brianna says, she looked out her window, and there was her mother on the street, crying and posting “missing” posters with Brianna’s photo. She tried to shout to her through the window, but her pimp grabbed her by the hair and yanked her back, threatening to kill her if she called out.

Pimps warn girls to distrust the police, and often they’re right. Bridgette Carr, who runs a human-trafficking clinic at the University of Michigan Law School, tells of a girl who went missing. A family member found the girl on Backpage and alerted authorities. Police “rescued” the girl by handcuffing her and detaining her for three weeks.

That mind-set has to change. Police and prosecutors must target pimps and johns, not teenage victims. Trafficked girls deserve shelters, not jails, and online emporiums like Backpage should stop abetting pimps.

Via The New York Times.


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Vatican Tries to Rein in Nuns’ “Radical Feminist” Ideas

St. Peter's Square. Photo by Lindsay.

The Vatican has appointed an American bishop to rein in the largest group of Catholic nuns in the U.S., saying that the group had “serious doctrinal problems.”

The Vatican’s assessment said that members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious challenged church teaching on homosexuality and male-only priesthood and promoted “radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith.”

The Vatican reprimanded the sisters for making public statements that “disagree with or challenge the bishops, who are the church’s authentic teachers of faith and morals.” During the debate over the health care overhaul in 2010, American bishops came out in opposition to the health plan, but dozens of sisters signed a statement supporting it.

The conference is an umbrella organization of women’s religious communities and claims 1,500 members who represent 80% of the Catholic sisters in the United States. The Vatican requested the formation of the organization.

Word of the Vatican’s action took the group completely by surprise. The group’s leaders were in Rome on Wednesday for what they thought was a routine visit to the Vatican when they were informed of the outcome of the investigation.

The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued the verdict. Cardinal William Levada, an American, now leads the Congregation.

Doctrinal issues have been in the forefront during the papacy of Benedict XVI, who was in charge of the Vatican’s doctrinal office before he became pope. American nuns have come under particular scrutiny. Last year, American bishops announced that all Catholic schools and universities should remove a book by a theologian at Fordham University, Sister Elizabeth A. Johnson.

Via The New York Times.

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Black Hawk Crashes in Afghanistan

UH-60A Black Hawk parked on flight line

UH-60A Black Hawk parked on flight line (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Black Hawk helicopter crashed in southern Afghanistan, likely killing its four crew members, all of them Americans.

The crash occurred in bad weather, though an official said “we cannot yet rule out enemy action.”

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McDonnell Urges Every Governor to Help Keep Mentally Unstable People from Having Guns

Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell speaking at...

Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell speaking at CPAC. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pay attention, because this might be the only good thing I have to say in favor of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

Gov. McDonnell just sent a letter to every Governor, urging them to close the gaps that allow mentally unstable people to buy guns.

Since the tragic Virginia Tech shooting, Virginia has made this issue a top priority. Their progress has set an example for the nation.

As head of the Republican Governors Association, NRA-endorsed Gov. McDonnell shows that keeping guns from dangerous people is more important than politics.

It’s a huge moment, and you can help make sure every Governor in America reads this letter and takes action.

Sign Gov. McDonnell’s letter and make sure your Governor takes action to prevent the next Virginia Tech tragedy.

Too many states haven’t closed the gaps that five years ago allowed a mentally unstable man to buy a gun and murder thirty-two people at Virginia Tech.

Governor McDonnell writes in his letter:

I believe that we can all work together to help prevent these acts from occurring again anywhere in our Nation. I write to ask for your support in providing critical information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Nearly half the states have submitted fewer than 100 mental health records into the system. Four have submitted none at all. That means millions of records are missing, and every missing record is another tragedy waiting to happen.

Please sign Gov. McDonnell’s letter and call on all states to get their records of prohibited gun purchasers into our national background check system:

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3 Secret Service Members Leave Over Prostitution Scandal

Three U.S. Secret Service members are leaving the agency after a prostitution scandal in Colombia, though the investigation is ongoing.

The service reported that one supervisory employee was allowed to retire, a supervisory employee was removed “for cause,” and a third resigned. The remaining eight members remain on administrative leave.

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Republicans Undecided about Vice President Candidates

Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Governor Mitt Romney of MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is an ideological split among Republicans over who should Mitt Romney‘s running mate, according to a CNN/ORC International Poll released Wednesday.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice tops the list, with 26%. Rick Santorum was the top pick of 21%. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie were tied at 14%.

Among self-described Tea Party supporters, Sen. Rubio is the top choice, with 22%, and Gov. Christie is second, with 18%.

Among Republicans who aren’t Tea Party supporters, 36% say Ms. Rice is their choice, and one in four prefer Mr. Santorum.

For more details, click here:

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Dick Clark Dies

Dick Clark, host of American Bandstand

Dick Clark, host of American Bandstand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Television personality Dick Clark, the longtime host of “American Bandstand,” has died.

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24 Killed in 48 Hours in Mexican Town

Money seized during "Project Coronado&quo...

Money seized during "Project Coronado" by the DEA. Going in "La Familia Michoacana" article. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nine people were murdered in the western Mexican state of Michoacan amid an ongoing turf war between rival drug cartels, authorities said Thursday.

The bodies of seven people were found in the Pacific port city of Lazaro Cardenas, while the other two victims were dumped in Benito Juarez.

The latest deaths bring to twenty-four the number of men slain over forty-eight hours in Michoacan.

The Jalisco Nueva Generacion mob is responsible for the murders.

With more than 168 miles of Pacific coastline, Michoacan also has forests and mountain areas that give perfect cover for drug production and smuggling. Illegal drugs are smuggled from Central America into Michoacan and then later moved into the United States.


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Compare Your Tax Rate to Romney’s

Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Governor Mitt Romney of MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I love the Buffett Rule for the same reason Mitt Romney opposes it.

It levels the playing field in America by closing tax loopholes and ensuring that millionaires aren’t paying a tax rate lower than what middle-class families pay.

It’s going to be one of the issues that will define this election.

There is a tool that shows how Mitt Romney and other millionaires play by their own rules.

Compare your tax rate to Mitt Romney’s and see how the Buffett Rule makes him pay his fair share.

The Buffett Rule closes loopholes and asks millionaires to pay at least as much as middle-class families, so that we can share the burden of reducing our deficit and investing in education, innovation and infrastructure.

Mr. Romney not only opposes the Buffett Rule, but he wants to make things more unfair. He will explode the deficit by giving more tax breaks to the wealthy and place the burden of paying for them on the backs of the middle class and seniors.

This November, it’s one or the other. We either stick with a President who fights for the middle class, or we choose a candidate who fights to protect an unfair status quo that benefits him at the cost of our economy and the middle class. It’s not about class warfare, and it’s not about some policy disagreement. It’s about common-sense fairness.


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