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Santorum Wins Mississippi

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

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Rick Santorum has won the Mississippi Republican primary.

Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are in a close battle for second.

Thirty-seven of the forty Mississippi delegates are tied to the primary, and the state will award those delegates proportionally.

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Santorum Wins Alabama

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Rick Santorum has won the Alabama Republican primary.

Forty-seven of Alabama’s fifty delegates are tied to the primary, and the state will award those delegates proportionally.

Mr. Santorum, coming off a win in Kansas on Saturday, got a boost in the battle to be the alternative to Mitt Romney by beating Newt Gingrich on his home turf.

Mississippi is also holding a primary today, and Hawaii and American Samoa are holding caucuses.

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If the Woman Is a “Slut” or “Prostitute,” What Is the Man?

Rush Limbaugh - Caricature

Rush Limbaugh - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

When attacking a woman by questioning her sexual mores, there are myriad slurs. Where are the comparable nouns for men? What’s a male slut?

“Gigolo” doesn’t have the acid or currency of “whore,” and the man with bedpost notches gets compliments. He’s a Casanova, a conquistador.

Two weeks since Rush Limbaugh let loose on Sandra Fluke, equating her wish for insurance-covered birth control with a prostitute’s demand for a fee, the wrangling over how awful that was and whether it will truly haunt him continues.

Only women are attacked in terms of suspected licentiousness. Only for women is there such a brimming, insidious thesaurus of accordant pejoratives.

Decades after the dawn of feminism, women are still seen through an erotically censorious prism, and promiscuity is still the greatest putdown.

Anthony Weiner was felled by his libido, but the weirdness of its expression and his recklessness were what people mainly balked at. Ditto for John Edwards.

There are examples aplenty of women being derided as sluts and prostitutes when sex is nowhere in the picture.

As Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan noted in an editorial, Mr. Limbaugh has referred to female cabinet members as “sex-retaries.”

Last year, the TV and radio host Ed Schultz hurled “slut” as an all-purpose insult at the right-wing commentator Laura Ingraham.

Another radio host, John “Sly” Sylvester, used his Wisconsin talk show to savage the state’s lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, as someone given to oral and group sex. He went unpunished.

In 1992, the threat to Bill Clinton’s Presidential bid was a “bimbo eruption.” Note how the slur was assigned to the co-conspirator, not the philandering candidate.

Two decades later, Amanda Knox wasn’t just an alleged killer but an alleged killer with supposedly kinky sexual habits.

Before Brett Ratner was dropped from taking charge of this year’s Oscars telecast, he went on a revolting sexist tear, saying that he insists that the women he becomes physically intimate with are examined first for transmissible diseases. He separately used an anti-gay epithet. His misogyny struck me as more florid than his homophobia, but the homophobia did him in. Only because his victim pool included men as well as women did the water get really hot.

Back to Limbaugh: Gloria Allred has called for his prosecution, citing a Florida statute that says anyone who “speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity” is committing a misdemeanor.

Good thing it’s not a felony.

Via The New York Times.

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Romney Vows to “Get Rid” of Planned Parenthood

I Stand With Planned Parenthood

I Stand With Planned Parenthood (Photo credit: WeNews)

Think Mitt Romney is the Republican Party’s “moderate” choice? Think again. If elected, Mr. Romney will shut down Planned Parenthood.

The Republican Party’s war on women has reached the danger zone. Planned Parenthood gives needed medical care to almost 5 million people each year. If Republicans win, women won’t get the care they need, and women will die. Period.

Click here to join with me in supporting Planned Parenthood.

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Yahoo Sues Facebook

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

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Yahoo stepped up its feud with Facebook on Monday, accusing the social-networking giant of infringing on ten patents tied to an array of Web technologies.

According to the lawsuit, Yahoo contended that Facebook knowingly and improperly violated the company’s core intellectual properties. The patents, issued from 1999 to 2010, cover advertising, privacy, customization, social networking and messaging.

Last month, Yahoo warned Facebook that it may file suit over the patents.

Via The New York Times.

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Four Stabbed in Downtown Columbus

Four people have been stabbed in a downtown Columbus, Ohio, building, police say. Three are in critical condition.

The suspect, who was later shot by a police officer, is in custody and in critical condition, police say.

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Romney Wins Hawaii

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA

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Mitt Romney has won the Hawaii Republican caucuses.

Seventeen of the twenty Hawaii delegates are tied to the caucuses, and the state will award those delegates proportionally.

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