Pro-Gun Activists Attack Victims’ Advocate Group Over Starbucks Policy

On Valentine’s Day, the National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC) called for a boycott of Starbucks because it allows people to bring loaded guns into its stores.

The President and CEO of NGVAC is Elliot Fineman, whose son Michael was murdered in 2006 by a paranoid schizophrenic who legally obtained a gun. Mr. Fineman says that Starbucks is “[betraying] their claim to be a socially responsible company” by implementing a policy that follows state gun laws.

Twenty-eight states allow residents to Open Carry loaded guns in public without any permitting, screening, or training. Four states (Alaska, Vermont, Wyoming and Arizona) allow residents to Concealed Carry loaded guns in public without any screening, training, or permitting. All of these states also allow “private sales” of firearms, which do not require a background check. Individuals bringing loaded guns into Starbucks in these states could be felons or severely mentally ill, and law enforcement would have no way of telling if they are dangerous until they pull the trigger.

Pro-gun activists announced a “buycott” of their own. Here is what it called for, as described by “Guns for Everyone:”

First, make sure to visit Starbucks on February 14th and carry proudly. Even if you don’t carry, or don’t OC [Open Carry], let them know that you appreciate their policy. But seriously, just man up and carry that heater like a BOSS. Stop being a pussy.

Pro-gun activists flocked to the Starbucks Facebook page.

Joe Amber Barrett of Leesburg, Florida, told one woman “FOAD [Fuck Off And Die] you dirty hippy” when she announced that she was boycotting Starbucks.

Josh Sumpter invoked the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre to justify Starbucks’ policy. When CSGV Director of Communications Ladd Everitt pointed out that both the Virgina Tech Review Panel and the families of the victims and survivors of that tragedy are unanimous in their support for stronger gun laws, Mr. Sumpter said, “that just proves that the VT review panel and the families [of the 32 students/faculty killed and 25 wounded during the massacre] are okay with the tragedy happening again.” Jonathan Kiviniemi of New Albany, Indiana, echoed Mr. Sumpter, adding, “they are essentially saying they want it to happen again.”

Kurt Hofmann thanked Starbucks for “refusing to be conscripted into the anti-gun jihadists’ culture war.”

A woman who posted a “No Guns in Starbucks” photo was called a “twat.”

Shay Robertson thanked Starbucks for “having a backbone” and said, “Not everyone in America is a snivelling developmentally disabled functioning retard who is afraid of inanimate objects.” Jeff Adamson commented, “Please don’t insult snivelling developmentally disabled functioning retards by comparing them to anti-gunners.”

Adler Smith and Eric Fanning labelled other commenters “faggots” and “homos.”

James Sarah said, “Keep your children out of Starbucks. I go in to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a paper. It is very disturbing to have some snot nosed little brats running around and making all sorts of noise. My hand gun has never made a peep in Starbucks.”

Ray Brower of Loveland, Colorado posted a photo of his AR-15 assault weapon and wanted everyone to know it was his “anti-socialist freedom rifle.” He was not the only one to share gun pics on the Starbucks Facebook page. Their photos wall is covered with it:

You’ve got to give Starbucks executives credit, though. “They surely know the threat to safety people carrying guns pose,” says Reverend Jackie Lynn, Executive Director of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship. “Why else would Starbucks ban guns from its corporate headquarters, Starbucks shareholder meetings and have a company policy forbidding employees (partners) from bringing guns to work?”

Great question.

Via The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

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