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Santorum Wins Kansas

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

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Rick Santorum will win the Kansas caucuses, CNN projects.

The state’s forty delegates will be awarded in proportion to the results.

Earlier, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the caucuses in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. The U.S. Virgin Islands also holds caucuses Saturday.

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Karzai Signs Edict Proclaiming Women are “Secondary” Citizens

Afghan President Hamid Karzai meets with Secre...

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Afghan President Hamid Karzai appears to be moving more aggressively to this Sharia-based vision for women, a vision that expressly devalues their worth and endorses beatings by their husbands. This week, President Karzai endorsed an edict from the Afghan Ulema Council, Afghanistan’s highest Islamic authority, that women are worth less than men.

The edit states that “Men are fundamental and women are secondary.” It demands segregation of men and women and prohibits women “mingling with strange men in various social activities such as education, in bazaars, in offices and other aspects of life.” It also suggests that women should not work or go to university and should wear a “full Islamic hijab.”

On Tuesday, Pres. Karzai endorsed the edict and said that it “reiterated Islamic principles and values.” Female leaders have cried foul but the shift back against full rights for women appears to be accelerating in the country, led by our hand-picked leader.

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Florida Republicans Cite Jay-Z Lyrics on House Floor

In the Florida House of Representatives, a dispute over the intent of the Framers of the Constitution became particularly intense as Rep. Alan B. Williams and Speaker Dean Cannon disagreed on the specific words and intent behind that legal paragon Jay-Z.

Here is the exchange on an amendment to the Florida Evidence Code about allowing certain types of hearsay as evidence:

REP. ALAN B. WILLIAMS: I think one of the reasons why were supporting the amendment is because we got such a warm and fuzzy farewell from you to set the mood to support this amendment. To go even further, you think about a wise businessman. He even said he knows his rights. And Jay-Z…I think Jay-Z said it best and I’m going to quote for you. “I know my rights and you’re going to need a warrant for that.” And he even went further, “Aren’t you sharp as a tack, are you a lawyer or something?” Members, when you look at it, support this. If you support Jay-Z, support this amendment. Thank you.

SPEAKER DEAN CANNON: I must respectfully disagree with a correction, Rep. Williams. In the song, it was the officer who said, “Aren’t you sharp as a tack?” or something. “You should try for lawyer or something,” so I got you on that. It’s an unspoken rule, if you’re going to invoke Jay-Z, you must get the lyrics correct. I’m not sure Jay-Z would support this amendment.

It turns out that they were both incorrect in their quotation of Jay-Z:

(COP) Do you mind if I look round the car a little bit?

(JAY-Z) Well, my glove compartment is locked, so is the trunk in the back,
And I know my rights so you gonna need a warrant for that.

(COP) Aren’t you sharp as a tack? You some type of lawyer or something,
Somebody important or something?

Here is the original source:

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Ask Bank of America to Modify Navy Corpsman Kukreja’s Loan

Bank of America Tower

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Navy Corpsman David Kukreja served two tours of duty in Iraq. While he was overseas as a medic, his wife Toni and their daughter lived in their Lakewood, California home that Toni’s dad built.

When Corpsman Kukreja left the Navy, he came home to a broken economy. He struggled to find a job for almost six months. The Kukrejas tried to keep up with their mortgage payments, but soon found themselves in a financial tailspin.

Bank of America is threatening to foreclose on Corpsman Kukreja and his family. Toni started a petition asking Bank of America to work with her family to modify their home loan.

Toni and her husband have asked Bank of America to modify their home loan since 2008, but Toni says Bank of America just gives her a run-around. “We’ve been told the bank has lost our paperwork more than once, we’ve been sent denial letters, and we are now on the third attempt to modify our loan,” Toni says. “We want to make our mortgage payments — and we can — if Bank of America works with us.”

Click here to sign Toni’s petition asking Bank of America to help save her family’s home.

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French Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Criminalizing Genocide Denial

This image shows Nicolas Sarkozy who is presid...

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The French Supreme Court has struck down a law prohibiting denial of the Armenian genocide and reaffirmed the French commitment to liberty.

The law would have punished a denial with up to a year in prison and a maximum fine of roughly $60,000.

The French council has concluded that such a law “infringed unconstitutionally on the exercise of the liberty of expression and communication.”

French President Sarkozy has vowed to redraft the law. The Constitutional Council suggested that some limitations could be placed on speech to protect privacy and public order, but that such limitations must be “necessary, adapted and proportional.” Pres. Sarkozy’s office seemed to latch on to the language and stated that, “The President of the Republic considers that (genocide) denial is intolerable and must therefore be punished.” What is intolerable, however, is using the criminal code to combat anti-historical speech as defined by the government. If government can define the “correct” history for citizens to recite, they can rewrite history.

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On This Day…

In 1985, Konstantin U. Chernenko, Soviet leader for just thirteen months, died at age seventy-three. His death was announced on March 11. Politburo member Mikhail S. Gorbachev was chosen to succeed him.

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Pro-Gun Activists Attack Victims’ Advocate Group Over Starbucks Policy

On Valentine’s Day, the National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC) called for a boycott of Starbucks because it allows people to bring loaded guns into its stores.

The President and CEO of NGVAC is Elliot Fineman, whose son Michael was murdered in 2006 by a paranoid schizophrenic who legally obtained a gun. Mr. Fineman says that Starbucks is “[betraying] their claim to be a socially responsible company” by implementing a policy that follows state gun laws.

Twenty-eight states allow residents to Open Carry loaded guns in public without any permitting, screening, or training. Four states (Alaska, Vermont, Wyoming and Arizona) allow residents to Concealed Carry loaded guns in public without any screening, training, or permitting. All of these states also allow “private sales” of firearms, which do not require a background check. Individuals bringing loaded guns into Starbucks in these states could be felons or severely mentally ill, and law enforcement would have no way of telling if they are dangerous until they pull the trigger.

Pro-gun activists announced a “buycott” of their own. Here is what it called for, as described by “Guns for Everyone:”

First, make sure to visit Starbucks on February 14th and carry proudly. Even if you don’t carry, or don’t OC [Open Carry], let them know that you appreciate their policy. But seriously, just man up and carry that heater like a BOSS. Stop being a pussy.

Pro-gun activists flocked to the Starbucks Facebook page.

Joe Amber Barrett of Leesburg, Florida, told one woman “FOAD [Fuck Off And Die] you dirty hippy” when she announced that she was boycotting Starbucks.

Josh Sumpter invoked the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre to justify Starbucks’ policy. When CSGV Director of Communications Ladd Everitt pointed out that both the Virgina Tech Review Panel and the families of the victims and survivors of that tragedy are unanimous in their support for stronger gun laws, Mr. Sumpter said, “that just proves that the VT review panel and the families [of the 32 students/faculty killed and 25 wounded during the massacre] are okay with the tragedy happening again.” Jonathan Kiviniemi of New Albany, Indiana, echoed Mr. Sumpter, adding, “they are essentially saying they want it to happen again.”

Kurt Hofmann thanked Starbucks for “refusing to be conscripted into the anti-gun jihadists’ culture war.”

A woman who posted a “No Guns in Starbucks” photo was called a “twat.”

Shay Robertson thanked Starbucks for “having a backbone” and said, “Not everyone in America is a snivelling developmentally disabled functioning retard who is afraid of inanimate objects.” Jeff Adamson commented, “Please don’t insult snivelling developmentally disabled functioning retards by comparing them to anti-gunners.”

Adler Smith and Eric Fanning labelled other commenters “faggots” and “homos.”

James Sarah said, “Keep your children out of Starbucks. I go in to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a paper. It is very disturbing to have some snot nosed little brats running around and making all sorts of noise. My hand gun has never made a peep in Starbucks.”

Ray Brower of Loveland, Colorado posted a photo of his AR-15 assault weapon and wanted everyone to know it was his “anti-socialist freedom rifle.” He was not the only one to share gun pics on the Starbucks Facebook page. Their photos wall is covered with it:

You’ve got to give Starbucks executives credit, though. “They surely know the threat to safety people carrying guns pose,” says Reverend Jackie Lynn, Executive Director of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship. “Why else would Starbucks ban guns from its corporate headquarters, Starbucks shareholder meetings and have a company policy forbidding employees (partners) from bringing guns to work?”

Great question.

Via The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

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