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Apple Announces New iPad

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

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Today, Apple unveiled a new iPad with HD display, better camera, and 4G wireless. The starting price remains $499.

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Romney Wins Alaska

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a GOP p...

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Mitt Romney has won the Alaska Republican caucuses, CNN projects.

Mr. Romney’s victory in Alaska adds to his wins in Ohio, Virginia, Vermont, Massachusetts and Idaho on Super Tuesday.

Twenty-four of the twenty-seven Alaska delegates are tied to the Super Tuesday contest, and the state will award those delegates proportionally.

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As Ohio Goes, So Goes the Nation

Dennis Kucinich, who tried to have former President George W. Bush impeached over the Iraq war, was defeated by a fellow Democratic incumbent on Tuesday in the first of eleven primary races this year pitting members of the U.S. House against each other.

In November, Rep. Kaptur will face the winner of the Republican primary, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known as “Joe the Plumber.”

Reps. Kaptur and Kucinich, friends representing neighboring districts, found themselves competing for the same job when Ohio lost two Congressional seats after the Census.

The reshuffling of voting boundaries by the state legislature created a district that stretches from Toledo to just east of Cleveland, forcing a race between the two.

While most attention focused on the Republican presidential primaries, Ohio also held primary elections for a U.S. Senate seat, all of its members of Congress and local posts.

The Ohio fight between incumbents was…

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Ohioans Don’t Really Like Romney, But They Like Santorum Even Less

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA

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Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney edged past former senator Rick Santorum to win the critical Ohio Republican primary Tuesday.

The candidates had taken turns showing meager leads late into the night, and both spoke to their supporters without declaring victory.

Both candidates had crisscrossed the Buckeye State in recent days, making their pitches to voters.

 Former House speaker Newt Gingrich focused his energy on Georgia, the state he represented in Congress and that he carried by a large margin Tuesday night.

Texas Representative Ron Paul spent election night in North Dakota.

Despite the uncertainty, Santorum took to the Steubenville High School stage Tuesday evening to declare his campaign was not going away anytime soon.

Mr. Santorum added Tennessee, North Dakota and Oklahoma to his tally of victories Tuesday night and credited his scrappy campaign’s message for the series of victories across the country over the past two months.

Mr. Romney also carried Alaska, Idaho, Vermont, Virginia and Massachusetts.

Ohio, one of ten states that voted on Tuesday, has sixty-six delegates up for grabs.

Mr. Santorum will be ineligible for some of those delegates because he failed to qualify for the ballot in some Ohio congressional districts, including the one where his victory party was held Tuesday night.

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