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As Ohio Goes, So Goes the Nation

Heading into Super Tuesday, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney remain neck and neck in the major battleground state of Ohio, according to a poll released today.

In an NBC News/Marist poll of likely Republican primary voters in Ohio, Mr. Santorum is backed by 34% of them and Mr. Romney by 32%. Mr. Gingrich has 15% and Ron Paul has 13% in the poll, which includes undecided voters. Only 6% remain undecided.

About six in ten said they were firmly committed to their choice. Three in ten somewhat support their candidate, and about 10 sai%d they could still change their mind.

While Mr. Romney has benefited in some earlier primaries by his campaign’s efforts among early voters, Ohio’s pattern may not be helpful to him. The state’s voting booths were open for early voting until Friday, and Mr. Romney does not have a big lead among those voters, getting 39% to…

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Putin Declares Presidential Victory


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Vladimir Putin declared victory in Russia’s presidential contest on Sunday.

With 22% of the ballots counted, Putin had 62.88% of the vote. His closest challenger, Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov, had 17.42%.

Mr. Putin served two terms as president, from 2000 to 2008, but a limit of two consecutive terms forced him to step down. He has dominated Russian politics as prime minister since.

While the result of Sunday’s election looked all but certain, the political environment surrounding it is different from any other in recent Russian history.

Parliamentary elections in December triggered a protest movement, bringing tens of thousands of people to the streets to protest electoral fraud and Mr. Putin’s leadership.

In the run-up to Sunday’s voting, Putin’s spokesman played down the public protests over the past three months.

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Romney Wins Washington

Mitt Romney will win the Washington state caucuses, CNN projects.

The GOP candidates are battling for a share of the state’s forty delegates, which will be awarded proportionally.

The contest comes just three days before Super Tuesday, when ten states hold primaries and caucuses.

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