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Red Cross Evacuates Homs

A spokeswoman for the International Committee for the Red Cross says evacuation of the wounded, sick, women and children from Homs, Syria, has begun.

Meanwhile, a group of countries and international entities is meeting in Tunisia to plan to deliver humanitarian aid, give political legitimacy to the Syrian opposition, and endorse the idea of a joint Arab-U.N. peacekeeping force in the embattled nation.

At least fifty-three people were killed Friday in Syria’s nearly yearlong crackdown on civilian protesters.

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Wal-Mart to Sell GMO Corn without Labels

Raw Sweet corn

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This spring, Monsanto‘s genetically modified sweet corn, their first product for human consumption, will be planted for the first time

Then it will be sold, unlabeled, in a grocery store near you.

What would it take to stop it? It would take the largest food retailer in the country rejecting Monsanto’s untested, potentially toxic corn.

Tell Wal-Mart: Don’t carry Monsanto’s GMO sweet corn!

In response to pressure from more than 250,000 activists last fall, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and General Mills committed not to sell Monsanto’s sweet corn.

But not Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart says that “nothing is more important than the safety and satisfaction of our customers,” but that’s inconsistent with selling this unlabeled GMO sweet corn, which has three genetic modifications, including the insecticide Bt, and hasn’t been tested to prove it is safe for humans to eat.

Wal-Mart could make a statement for consumer safety by rejecting Monsanto’s GMO sweet corn, but they won’t do it unless we put public pressure on the company.

This corn is Monsanto’s first foray into GMO foods. If successful, it will just be the beginning for Monsanto, who produces 90% of GMO seeds around the globe.

As the largest food retailer, Wal-Mart can set an important precedent that could keep Monsanto’s GMO sweet corn, and any future GMO foods, from taking root.

If Wal-Mart really means that nothing is more important than their customers’ safety, they need to take a stand.

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Appeals Court Upholds 1998 Tobacco Ruling

Tobacco string in the tobacco barn? vicinity o...

Tobacco string in the tobacco barn? vicinity of Barranquitas? Puerto Rico (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

A three-judge federal appeals panel has turned away a challenge from a defunct cigarette maker to a 1998 settlement among forty-six states and nineteen tobacco companies.

The U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati on Wednesday found that the settlement didn’t amount to a conspiracy by the government. Now-shuttered General Tobacco of Mayodan, North Carolina, had attacked the settlement as a conspiracy.

Judge Eric Clay wrote that General Tobacco waived multiple rights when it signed on to the settlement in 2004.

The Master Settlement Agreement ultimately prevented companies from being sued by state governments for the costs of health care for smokers, but required yearly payments to states and restrictions on advertising. The settlement protected cigarette wholesalers and retailers from liability.

Via Cleveland.com.

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Georgetown Law Student Finally Gets Her Say Before Congress

When Representative Elijah Cummings, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Relations, asked Law Students for Reproductive Justice to put them in touch with an LSRJ member to testify at the Committee’s hearing on religious freedom, they knew that sending Sandra Fluke was a brilliant decision.

Ms. Fluke’s testimony was banned from last week’s hearing, but Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee convened a hearing on women’s health and contraception, where Ms. Fluke was the sole witness.

Sandra Fluke provides testimony on the importance of preventive health care

Ms. Fluke’s words were powerful and poignant. You can watch the hearing here (Ms. Fluke’s remarks start at 15:00).

As I’m sure you remember, Ms. Fluke was denied a seat at the table because she was deemed “unqualified” and characterized as a college student who possessed no other qualifications. To that, Sandra said, “As you can see from the reaction behind me, many of the women in this country are energized by this issue. I felt insulted [when I was banned from speaking] not for myself, but for the women I wanted to represent but who were silenced that day.”

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Two Americans Killed in Afghan Ministry

At least two Americans have been killed inside the interior ministry in Kabul, a senior Afghan police official says.

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Rep. Sutton, Sen. Brown Introduce AED Bill

, member of the United States House of Represe...

United States Representative Betty Sutton (D-OH) and Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) have introduced the Josh Miller Heart Act, which would provide AEDs for every school in our country. It has passed the House twice but has not made it through the Senate.

The same people who are blocking this bill are happy that the halls of Congress are lined with AEDs. Since Rep. Sutton introduced the Josh Miller Heart Act, 206 students have died of cardiac arrest in U.S. schools because no AED was available.

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