NYPD Spied on Muslim Students Across the Northeast

New York City Police Department

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One autumn morning in 2006 in Buffalo, New York, a college student named Adeela Khan logged into her email and found a message announcing an Islamic conference in Toronto.

Ms. Khan sent it to a group of fellow Muslims at the University at Buffalo, and promptly forgot about it.

That act was enough to arouse the suspicion of an intelligence analyst at the New York Police Department, 300 miles away, who combed through her post and put her name in an official report.

The report reveals how the NYPD’s intelligence division focused far beyond New York City as part of a surveillance program targeting Muslims.

Police trawled through student websites run by Muslim student groups at Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers and thirteen other colleges in the Northeast. They talked with local authorities about professors and sent an undercover agent on a rafting trip, where he recorded students’ names and noted how many times they prayed.

Via Huffington Post.

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