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Santorum Surges from Behind in Arizona*

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A CNN poll shows Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in a statistical tie in Arizona, with 36% of likely voters supporting Mr. Romney for the Presidential nomination, and 32% backing Mr. Santorum.

In the CNN/Time/ORC International Poll, Mr.  Santorum leads among born-again Christians by nine points but trails among nonevangelical Republicans by twelve points. Romney trails by three points among Teabaggers but has a fifteen-point lead among Republicans who oppose or are neutral to the Tea Party.

Mr. Romney has a ten-point lead in urban areas but manages no better than a tie in suburban and rural Arizona. The state holds its Republican primary next Tuesday.

* Sorry. I really wanted to say that once during the race for the nomination.

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Eurozone Strikes Deal on Greek Bailout

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Eurozone finance ministers sealed a deal Tuesday morning for a second bailout for Greece, including 130 billion euros ($173 billion) in new financing.

The finance ministers from the seventeen nations that use the euro, known as the Eurogroup, gave Greece funding it needs to avoid a potential default next month.

The deal provides relief for Greece, but difficult days lie ahead as the government trims debt to 121% of the country’s GDP by 2020. Greece’s debt now stands at 160% of GDP.

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