Actor Amputated in Ad for Diabetes Awareness

An overweight man in Los Angeles says he was “beyond shocked” to discover an altered photo of him on New York City billboards with his leg removed.

Twenty-seven-year-old Cleo Berry said that several years ago, he participated in a $500 photo shoot with photographer Morten Smidt. Unbeknownst to Berry, those photos were sold to ImageSource, a stock photo company.

The photo was sold to New York City’s Department of Health, which digitally removed Mr. Berry’s right leg and is using the photo as part of an anti-diabetes campaign.

The health department said it’s common practice to alter photos without the model’s participation. Mr. Berry agrees he signed a waiver before the shoot.

He is, however, trying to seek professional revenge, lowering his usual rate to any soda companies who might want to use his unaltered image in one of their campaigns.

“I’ll sing and dance for them, and I won’t charge an arm and a leg,” he said. He might have been startled at first, but at least Mr. Berry’s sense of humor is still intact.

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