Oklahoma Legislator Tries to Ban Food Products Containing Aborted Fetuses (Which Isn’t Happening)

Seal of Oklahoma.

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A state senator in Oklahoma has filed a bill to make it illegal to sell food or products that contain aborted fetuses.

Is this about vaccines? Is this a backdoor attempt at setting a legal precedent that will later outlaw abortion? I have no idea. Nor, apparently, does State Senator Ralph Shortey:

I don’t know if it is happening in Oklahoma, it may be, it may not be. What I am saying is that if it does happen then we are not going to allow it to manufacture here.

I don’t know what to say about this. If this is what we do now (make every gross thing illegal, whether or not it’s actually happening), then I would like a legislative effort to prevent anyone ever driving in the left lane without passing a car in the left. Oh, heck, it’s probably best to sponsor all-purpose legislation against Things That Are Bad. That should cover it.

Via Religion Dispatches.

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