Obama Administration Appeals Decision Blocking Cigarette Warning Labels

US District Court Judge, Richard D. Leon

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The Obama administration appealed a federal judge’s decision to block a law that would have made tobacco companies include graphic pictures on cigarette packages.

U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon cited First Amendment rights as a factor in his decision.

He said the tobacco companies showed: a real likelihood of success; that allowing the labeling requirements to go ahead would cause them to “suffer irreparable harm”; that “neither the Government, nor the public, will suffer any comparable injury as a result of the relief sought”; and that the public’s “interest in the protection of its First Amendment rights against unconstitutionally compelled speech would be furthered.”

The proposed images include a man exhaling smoke through a hole in his throat; diseased lungs next to healthy lungs; and a male cadaver with staples down his torso.

Judge Leon noted that the some of the pictures appeared to have been digitally enhanced to make them “evoke emotion” and are not therefore “purely factual.” He said the dimensions suggest it was trying to turn cigarettes into mini-billboards intended not to impart information about smoking but “to advocate a change in consumer behavior.”

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