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California Bans Tanning for Children

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Yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown announced that he signed a law banning children from using tanning beds. In California, it was already illegal for a child under fourteen to use the beds. Teens fifteen to seventeen were allowed to go tanning with parental permission.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has said it would support the FDA banning everyone under eighteen from using tanning beds.

Of course, warning teens that tanning is bad is unlikely to stop them. Experts say tanning is particularly popular in California, and in L.A. county salons outnumber Starbucks or McDonald’s locations. Christina Clarke, of the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, explains:

Girls in affluent California communities especially are surrounded by the message that being tanned all year round is cool … Pop music star Katy Perry is even singing about it.

State Senator Ted Lieu, who wrote the legislation, points out that a recent study from the Stanford Cancer Institute found girls and young women from wealthier areas also have higher melanoma rates, and it seems it’s no coincidence. Though there’s nothing preventing young women from “laying out,” health officials are hoping that raising the age limit, along with more education campaigns about baking yourself the natural way, will cut the skin cancer rate among young women.

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Breaking: Separatist Group Ends Campaign for Basque Homeland

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The Basque separatist group ETA announced it will end its decades-long campaign for a Basque homeland part of Spain and France. The ETA announcement was published on the website of Gara, a newspaper that the group has used to convey messages in the past.

ETA, listed as a terrorist organization by the European Union, Spain and the United States, is blamed for more than 800 deaths in its long fight for an independent Basque homeland carved out of a section of northern Spain and southwestern France.

The group announced a unilateral “permanent” cease-fire last January, raising hopes in Spain that an end might be near to the decades of ETA car bombings and shootings.

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On This Day…

In 1973, in the so-called Saturday Night Massacre, President Nixon abolished the office of special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox, accepted the resignation of Attorney General Elliot L. Richardson and fired Deputy Attorney General William B. Ruckelshaus.

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Man Accidentally Orders Gigantic Seven-Foot-Long Slipper

Tom Boddingham, whose right foot is a size 13 and whose left foot is a size 14.5, ordered a special slipper to fit his oversized foot. Manufacturers misread the order size and accidentally sent him a size 1450.

The twenty-seven-year-old received a whopping seven-foot-long slipper. It is almost as big as a Smart car and is more than large enough to act as a sleeping bag for two.

Now Tom, who has always worn custom-made shoes, plans to sell the furry monster’s slipper on eBay.

A company spokesperson for Monster Slippers said sorry to Tom, from Ilford, East London, and explained the mistake occurred because of a “translation error”.

They said: “We have given our apologies to Mr. Boddingham and we are now making him a replacement slipper using the correct dimensions.”

A spokesman for the Hong Kong factory said the unusual order did not give the workers pause; they just assumed that the slipper was a giant prop for a shop window display.

Does anyone else call foul on this one?

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The Ten Most Ridiculous Moments from the Last Republican Debate

Herman Cain & Michele Bachmann

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Jezebel has posted a list of the ten “Assiest” moments from the most recent Republican debate. They call these moments those that “outshone the others in their sheer jaw-dropping, chaotic dickery.” Really, you’ll want to read the snark right from the source because I just can’t compete with it. Check out the full list here.

1. Republican “family values” means that three-year-olds love C-Span and Michele Bachmann speaks for women. Republicans love to whip out their families and measure them against each other. Rick Santorum opened the debate with a greeting for his three-year-old daughter who had just had surgery that day, which was sort of sweet until you realize that three-year-olds don’t want to watch a Presidential debate; they want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba.

Mr. Santorum later went on to spout some serious anti-gay marriage talk and reminded us that it’s his stance on gay marriage that got Santorum in hot water with Dan Savage, resulting in the word “santorum” now meaning . . . well, Google it.

Michele Bachmann, meanwhile, called out to America’s moms during part of the debate when everyone was shouting about Obamacare. She looked right at the camera and told moms personally that she understands Moms. What a weirdo.

2. Ron Paul got up on the wrong side of the bed. Ron Paul believes in deregulation of everything, including complete anarchy with respect to the sizing of men’s suits. Really, Rep. Paul, get a tailor.

3. Mitt Romney and his illegals. The segment of the debate that addressed immigration kicked off when Rick Perry referred to undocumented immigrants as “illegals.” Next, Gov. Perry accused Mitt Romney of hiring “illegals” to work on his yard. Mr. Romney got mad and said that wasn’t true; he’d hired a landscaping company that had hired illegals, and when he found out there were illegals working on his property, he fired that company. That’s why, Mr. Romney said, we need to have a universal check on people’s Social Security numbers.

4. Rick Perry doesn’t believe in answering the questions asked of him. At one point, Anderson Cooper pressed Perry to respond to the questions he asked with answers relevant to the questions, and Perry responded that he didn’t have to answer jack shit.

5. Herman Cain thinks Americans are capable of doing math. Mr. Cain urged all Americans to visit his website, look at the economic analysis of his nine-nine-nine plan, and do the math themselves. The man obviously doesn’t realize that shit is complicated.

6. The audience. The audience at these debates, with their clapping for Gov. Perry’s boast about how many people he’s executed, always seems to draw from a segment of the population that is exceptionally evil. Last night, they clapped for Herman Cain’s insistence that Occupy Wall Street protesters are to blame for the collapse of Wall Street.

The white audience also responded enthusiastically when the black candidate onstage revisited statements he made wherein he pledged to electrocute Mexicans.

7. Newt Gingrich calling for an appeal to morality and prayer. America needs a leader that is a strong moral person, insists the man who conducted an affair with a married woman while he was married and is now on his third marriage, to a woman he began dating while he was still with his ex-wife. “I, frankly, would be really worried if somebody assured me that nothing in their faith would affect their judgments, because then I’d wonder, where’s your judgment. How can you have judgment if you have no faith? And how can I trust you with power if you don’t pray?”

8. Michele Bachmann wants everybody to pay taxes. Michele Bachmann wanted people to know that it’s important that every single American pay something into the tax system. Every single one, even if they can just pay a dollar. Cough up, babies.

9. 100% of Republicans agree: a health care plan that has yet to be implemented is ruining America. Bachmann once again mischaracterized the same report she cited in the last Republican debate, the one that she says claims that overregulation in the form of Obamacare is leading to American economic regression. Ron Paul swears Americans would be healthier if they just let the free market take care of them. Herman Cain called the Affordable Care Act a disaster. Too bad most of the plan’s provisions don’t take effect until 2014.

10. Can we please revisit this “illegals” thing? Michele Bachmann accused the President’s family of being “illegals,” claimed that Iranian terrorists were coming into the country through Mexico, and then lamented the existence of anchor babies. Rick Perry boasted about his efforts to combat “illegals” in Texas. Herman Cain chuckled at the idea of electrocuting people. Mitt Romney wants to outsource our foreign aid budget to China, because if there’s one way to make sure that we remain highly regarded by the rest of the world, it’s cutting the 1% of the national budget that we use on foreign aid and letting China take care of everyone so that everyone begins to like China more than us. Michele Bachmann suggested that the countries we “liberated” should be required to reimburse us for the cost of the war that we waged in their countries and that American troops in Iraq should get criminal immunity.

Via Jezebel.

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