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Bachmann Wants to Reinstate DADT. Is Anyone Surprised?

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Republican Presidential wingnut Michele Bachmann says she would reinstate the American military’s newly lifted Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy if elected President.

Bachmann expressed this totally not surprising viewpoint on a conference call with the Faith and Freedom coalition earlier this week, stating,

I think of all of the candidates that are running in this race, I have been very vocal about this. I would reinstate the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. It worked before and what it says is the issue of sexuality is one that doesn’t come up and people aren’t allowed to be open about it because the United States military is unique, its not a social experiment… I take very seriously the job of Commander in Chief. I see that as my very first job and I would listen to the generals [on DADT].

It worked before – except for that whole firing-totally-qualified-people-for-reasons-completely-unrelated-to-their-jobs thing.

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China Threatens Those Who Post Gossip Online

Chinese authorities have renewed threats to punish internet users who spread false information.

Chinese authorities have renewed threats to punish internet users who spread false information (Photo Courtesy of Reuters).

(Photo Courtesy of Reuters)

Internet use in China has exploded in recent months. As of June, 195 million of China’s 500 million internet users were operating microblogs, a 209% increase from the end of 2010.

The boom in microblogging has led authorities to express concern about users’ ability to quickly send information and comments that run contrary to the Communist Party’s censors.

The spokesperson from the State Internet Information Office called on internet users to “abide by the law, show self-discipline and refrain from spreading rumors.” The spokesperson also ordered local authorities and websites to hold those that spread rumors accountable and penalize them to the full extent allowed by law.

As a result of warnings from government authorities and a visit from a Politburo member, China’s largest microblog operator, Sina Corp. is increasing its censorship. The corporation asked users to stop the spread of rumors and has warned that bloggers will have their accounts suspended for one month if they are found to have posted false information.

The catalyst for Sina Corp’s decision to increase censorship is a controversial blog in which a thirty-one-year-old man posted fictitious stories about working as a prostitute. After his identity was discovered, his account was permanently deleted and he was forced to pay a fine for disturbing public order.

Chinese regulations require those who spread rumors be punished by serving five to ten days in jail and a fine of about $80.

China’s internet regulation is not new. The country blocks Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and it monitors other internet sites to block unfavorable information. Analysts suggest that the anxiety being exhibited by officials in response to the increasing use of microblogs could lead to even stricter regulations being placed on internet users in China.

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Rihanna Heads to Her Show on the Underground

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On Wednesday, Rihanna played a sold-out show at the 20,000 seat O2 Arena in London. To get to the show, she hit the Tube just like the fans also headed to her show.

She chatted with people in her car and posed for pictures on the way to the show. A spokesperson for the London Underground said she showed up unannounced and made no special arrangements. He added:

Millions of Londoners and visitors know Oyster gives you easy access to the capital’s transport network including fast, frequent and reliable Tube services. It’s great Rihanna seems to agree.

Well played, sir. Well played.

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