North Carolina Sued Over “Choose Life” License Plates

North Carolina is the latest state to issue “Choose Life” license plates, and the American Civil Liberties Union is suing to stop them.

The plates will cost $25, with $15 going to the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship, which “exists to offer help and encouragement to those God calls into pregnancy care ministry” and operates crisis pregnancy centers throughout the state.

Attempts to introduce alternative plates that read “Respect Choice” or “Trust Women. Respect Choice” failed to gain traction with the Republican-controlled North Carolina legislature, so the ACLU is suing for a group of “pro-choice automobile owners” who say the state is endorsing one viewpoint.

Katherine Lewis Parker, legal director of the ACLU’s North Carolina branch, explains:

The state is opening up a forum to one side of the argument. When they do that, they are constitutionally obligated to open to the other side.

She adds that “this is a free speech case — not an abortion case,” and that the ACLU would also challenge a state that produced only pro-choice plates.

State Rep. Mitch Gillespie, the plates’ Republican sponsor, says the suit is merely an effort by “an evil liberal organization to try to appease its liberal base.” He also says he thinks it will fail.

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