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Georgia Sheriff Defends Tasing People Protesting Troy Davis’s Execution

Butts County, Georgia Sheriff Gene Pope has defended his deputies against accusations they used excessive force while arresting a protestor before last Wednesday’s execution of Troy Davis.

At least two YouTube videos of the arrest show deputies taser protesters several times for crossing the street police warned them not to go because of oncoming traffic.

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Troy Davis Funeral Will Be Held Saturday

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Funeral services for Troy Davis have been set for Saturday at Jonesville Baptist Church, according to his sister, Kimberly Davis.

Mr. Davis died by lethal injection on September 21 at the Jackson Correctional Institute in Jackson, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.

Thousands of supporters worldwide protested Mr. Davis’s execution, saying the case raised too many doubts about his guilt.

Mr. Davis’s mother, Virginia Davis, died in April. The family says they are glad she did not live to see her son executed.


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