China Pulls “American Idol”-Style Show with Democratic Voting Process

Chinese government officials have placed a one-year suspension on the popular television talent show Super Girl, which was modeled after American Idol and has drawn nearly 400 million viewers.

Super Girl captured the attention of millions (Photo Courtesy of BBC)

Super Girl captured the attention of millions. (Photo Courtesy of BBC)

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) explained that the show exceeded the ninety-minute time limit for talent competitions, claiming that episodes of Super Girl can last more than three hours.

Government officials have described the program as “vulgar,” “manipulative,” and “poison for our youth.”

A spokesperson for Hunan Satellite Television said next year the station will air programs that encourage healthy morals, public safety, and housework.

Some suggest the ability of viewers to vote for their favorite contestants was “dangerously democratic.” The government banned text-message voting in 2007.

Super Girl was banned in 2006 for three years.

In addition to the ban on Super Girl, regulators also imposed a one-month suspension on a TV station in the Hebei province after it aired a son criticizing his father.

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