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Dartmouth Student Found with Meth Lab in Apartment

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A Belgian chemistry graduate student at Dartmouth College who may watch a little too much Breaking Bad has been arrested for running a meth lab out of his apartment.

Randy Lambreghts, 28, was busted Sunday after police responded to a medical emergency at his apartment and found evidence he was cooking crank. Firefighters evacuated the building and removed hazardous materials from his apartment.

After the DEA got a search warrant, a team search the apartment and collected evidence.

Lambreghts was charged Tuesday with one count of attempted manufacture of methamphetamine/amphetamine. He was being held on $20,000 bail.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/08/30/2011-08-30_dartmouth_chemistry_student_busted_for_running_meth_lab_out_of_apartment.html#ixzz1WZBFopHt

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Cheney Press Tour Reveals He Still Likes Waterboarding and Wanted Bush to Bomb Syria

Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States.

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney has stated in an interview promoting his new book that he stands by his promotion of waterboarding and would order its use again in the future if the occasion arose.

Waterboarding involves pouring water over the mouth and nose of an immobile person to simulate the feeling of drowning. Waterboarding can case brain damage, death, dry drowning, lung damage, and psychological damage. President Bush’s administration argued that waterboarding is not a form of torture so the CIA could use the procedure during “enhanced interrogations.”

Former VP Cheney also admits in his book that he urged President Bush to bomb a nuclear plant in Syria.



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On This Day…

The flag of Washington, D.C.

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In 1963, the hot-line communications link between Washington, D.C. and Moscow went into operation.

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Somali Pirates Get Life Term

I have taken an image of the MV Faina with the...

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Two Somali pirates accused of hijacking an American boat and murdering four of its passengers have been sentenced to life in prison. Their co-conspirators will be sentenced in a few weeks.

Burhan Abdirahman Yusuf and Ali Abdi Mohamed are among eleven men who have pleaded guilty over the February hijacking of the American yacht Quest near the coast of Oman.

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