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In 1898, the peace protocol ending the Spanish-American War was signed.

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Post-Debt Deal, Americans Blame Congress (Especially the Republicans)

Citizens registered as an Independent, Democra...

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A record 82% of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job. More than 80% say the debt-ceiling debate was more about politics than serving the country. Nearly three-quarters said the debate damaged the image of the United States in the world.

Polls found that Republicans shoulder more of the blame than Democrats.

The public’s opinion of the Tea Party soured with the debt-ceiling debate. Double as many people view the Tea party unfavorably as view it favorably.

By a ratio of more than two to one, Americans say creating jobs should be a higher priority than spending cuts.

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Governor Rick Perry Oversees 235th Execution

Port Arthur, TX, September 27, 2005 -- Preside...

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Presidential hopeful and Christian evangelist Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) just oversaw his 235th execution, the most of any governor by far. So many Texas citizens (and non-citizens) have been killed by the state under Gov. Perry that nearly half of all executions in Texas since the death penalty went into effect in 1976 have been under Gov. Perry’s watch.

Gov. Perry has shown he fully embraces capital punishment, even allowing an execution while aware that scientific investigations called into question the validity of the evidence used to convict.

Former President George W. Bush was the previous recordholder for most executions, with 152.


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