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In 1945, the United States exploded a nuclear device over Nagasaki, Japan, instantly killing an estimated 39,000 people. The explosion came three days after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

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Guatemalan Soldiers Sentenced for 1982 Massacre

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A Guatemalan court has convicted four soldiers of the massacre of 201 people in the town of Las Dos Erres. The court sentenced each man to 30 years for each victim and added 30 years for crimes against humanity, totaling a 6,060 year sentence for each man.

The four ex-soldiers were members of an √©lite military force, the Kaibiles. The men entered Las Dos Erres, which the government suspected of harboring left-wing guerrillas, in December 1982 and spent three days questioning and killing its inhabitants. The victims’ bodies showed evidence of torture, and many of the women’s bodies showed evidence of rape.

In 2001, then-President Alfonso Portillo acknowledged the government’s role in the massacre and awarded the families of victims $1.8 million.

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