Michigan State Senator Proposes Foster Kids Get Only Used Clothes

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Michigan State Senator Bruce Caswell has suggested a plan under which foster children could use their state-funded clothing allowance only in thrift stores. He says they should get “gift cards” to be used only at Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other thrift stores.

Sen. Caswell says he wants to make sure state money set aside for clothes for foster children is actually used for that purpose.

Gilda Jacobs, CEO of the Michigan League for Human Services, put it better than I ever could when she said the following:

“I think that there’s the whole issue of dignity. You’re saying to somebody, you don’t deserve to go in and buy a new pair of gym shoes. You know, for a lot of foster kids, they already have so much stacked against them.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Caswell, who states that his interest is in the state’s budget, admits that the plan wouldn’t save the state any money.

In fact, wouldn’t producing the gift cards cost the state money?

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