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BP to Provide $1 Billion for Gulf Resoration

Deepwater Horizon oil spill on June 25, 2010.

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BP will provide $1 billion for oil spill restoration in the Gulf of Mexico per a voluntary agreement with the federal government and five states.

The agreement does not absolve BP of legal liability for the explosion and spill that began April 20, 2010. However, any restoration efforts paid for by the $1 billion will count toward the company’s liability.

The company faces fines and penalties of as much as $21 billion for the disaster. It could also face penalties under a Justice Department criminal and civil investigation.

Federal and state officials are conducting a natural resource damage assessment to measure the injury to the gulf habitat. The process could take years.

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Today Is World Malaria Day

Global distribution of Malaria risk.

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Click here to see how you can help meet the goal of no malaria deaths by 2015!

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Police, Security Forces Kill Peaceful Protesters in Syria

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On Sunday, police and security forces raided a western Syrian town and fired on protesters. One man was killed.

Saturday, there were reports that security forces fired at people who were paying their respects to protesters who had been killed. At least ten people were killed, and many police officers were injured.

Demonstrations have been going on for several weeks. Protesters are calling for the government to end the state of emergency and martial law and release political prisoners.

Human Rights Watch has recommended that the United Nations set up an inquiry into the incidents which have left many peaceful protesters dead. The U.N. Secretary-General, the president of the European Parliament, the Canadian government, and the U.S. President have condemned the violence in Syria.

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Riots in Nigeria Following Presidential Election

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Nigeria‘s April 16 presidential election has left the country in turmoil. According to estimates, upwards of 40,000 have been displaced, and 500 have been killed in the past two weeks. Many towns have held mass burials for those dead.

The rioting started shortly after the election, in which the norther Muslim candidate Muhammadu Buhari lost to the southern Christian incumbent Jonathan Goodluck.

Analysts believe the conflict is between the starkly divided economic classes in Nigeria and not Christians and Muslims. The southern part of the country is an oil rich delta. The northern part of the country is struggling; most citizens live on less than $2 a day.

After Goodluck won, many Muslim youths in the north rioted, believing the polls were rigged. There are signs of ballot box tampering, including an unusually large voter turnout and possible underage voting. Goodluck’s party is the only party that has officially recognized the election results.

Gubernatorial elections were planned to take place after the presidential election but have been postponed.

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