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Circuit Court Rules Against Arizona Immigration Law

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Monday, a federal appeals court affirmed an injunction of Arizona’s “papers please” immigration law.

In its ruling, a 3 judge panel for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the U.S. Justice Department and against Republican Governor Jan Brewer, who signed the controversial bill into law.

The law, known as SB 1070, required law enforcement officials to apprehend and help deport illegal immigrants. The Obama administration sued, saying that only the federal government has this power.

In July, a U.S. District judge issued an injunction blocking the most contested parts just a day before the law was scheduled to take effect. Specifically, the provision requiring police officers to check immigration papers of people suspected of being illegal immigrants was blocked.

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On This Day…

Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to four term...

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In 1945, Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States, died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Warm Springs, Ga., at age 63. Vice President Harry S Truman became president.

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Japan Raises Nuclear Threat Level to Highest Possible

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Tuesday, Japanese authorities provisionally declared the country’s nuclear accident a level 7 on the international scale for nuclear disasters. A 7 is the highest level.

Though the rating puts Japan‘s disaster at the same level as the Chernobyl disaster, about 7 times as much radioactive cesium was released at Chernobyl.

The number had previously been at a 5.

Regulators determined the amount of radioactive iodine released by the Fukushima Daiichi reactors was at least 15 times that needed to reach the top of the International Nuclear Event Scale.

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Parents Complain about FIeld Trip They Allowed Kids to Take

Last week, four dozen second graders from a private school for boys took a field trip to the Castro to learn about civil rights, history, and Harvey Milk. Now some parents are complaining about the trip – even though they were perfectly capable of keeping their kids home (and some did).

A reputable guide with a history of child-friendly tours led the trip. He was careful to map a route that avoided adult-themed shops and did not discuss sexuality. The school’s headmaster also pointed out that the trip was part of the school’s program of teaching kids about San Francisco. The kids also took trips to Chinatown and the Mission.

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Boy without Hands Has Penmanship Award Named for Him

Last week, 10-year-old Nicholas Maxim of Main received a special award at a national penmanship contest.

The reason the award and recipient are special is that Nicholas was born without hands and lower arms. He writes holding a pen between his arms. Judges were so impressed with Nicholas that they created a new award in his name for students with disabilities.

Nicholas was surprised when he received the award at a school assembly because his teachers hadn’t told him they submitted his writing.

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