Mother Blames Army for Son’s Dieting Death

Logotype of the United States Army

Logotype of the United States Army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The United States Army is investigating whether recruiters from an Ohio recruiting station encouraged a twenty-year-old man to diet to death.

Recruit Glenni Wilsey died due to acute cardiac arrhythmia from an electrolyte imbalance brought on by dieting.

Mr. Wilsey’s mother, Lora Bailey, is convinced that recruiters caused her son’s death.

Mr. Wilsey wanted to enlist in the Army’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit and was told he needed to lose seventy pounds. At six feet tall, Wilsey weighed 270 pounds. He was told to wear a wetsuit under two sweat suits to sweat off weight. Ms. Bailey says they encouraged Mr. Wilsey to run for hours daily, consume 800 Calories a day, and purge his meals.

After just three and a half months, Wilsey had lost more than eighty pounds. He weighed 197 pounds the day he died. He had just been told by the Army that he still had seven pounds to lose.

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