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Women Earn More Doctorates Than Men

American women are now earning more doctoral degrees than men, according to a new enrollment study by the Council of Graduate Schools. During the 2008-2009 academic year, 28,962 women earned PhDs, as did 28,469 men.

In the last ten years, women have also become the majority in both law schools and medical schools.

Many undergraduate major areas that were once dominated by men are now dominated by women. In 1970-1971, 9% of business majors were women; by 1984-1985, women were 45% of business majors. Currently, 58% of all undergraduate business majors are women.

Men continue to earn more graduate degrees in computer science, engineering, mathematics, and physical sciences.

Via Newsweek.

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Ohio Supreme Court Sets Seven Execution Dates

Supreme Court of Ohio

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Tuesday, the Ohio Supreme Court set execution dates for seven convicted murderers, bringing the total number of 2011 executions scheduled in that state to nine.

Two weeks ago, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction announced that it was changing its execution protocol. The state is switching to pentobarbital from sodium thiopental, which has been in high demand since the sole U.S. manufacturer stopped producing it. The maker of the new drug, meanwhile, has protested its use for executions.

The new drug is scheduled to be used for the first time on March 10, 2011. Executioners will use the last of the sodium thiopental on February 17 for the execution of Frank Spisak.

Here are the scheduled executions for the remainder of the year:

Clarence Carter, April 12;

Daniel Bedford, May 17;

Shawn L. Hawkins, June 14;

Kenneth W. Smith, July 19;

Brett X. Hartman, August 16;

Billy Slagle, September 20; and

Joseph D.Murphy, October 18.

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Caught between Supporting the People and the President

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In this NPR News article and audio clip, we hear about the American President caught – as one so often is – “between the natural desire to support the demonstrators” in Egypt “and long-standing U.S. support for an autocrat.” It’s a really good article. You should check it out.




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