Prominent Ugandan Gay Rights Activist Killed

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On Wednesday, David Kato, a prominent Ugandan gay rights activist, was found murdered in his home outside Kampala.

Kato became internationally famous after a Ugandan newspaper published his name and photo and announced his homosexuality. Above the picture was the caption “Hang Them.” After the article was published, Kato received death threats. Kato sued the newspaper and won a victory in court exactly three weeks before his murder. The newspaper was enjoined against publishing any more pictures of homosexuals in Uganda.

It is believed that an intruder entered Kato’s home around noon on January 26 and struck him in the head with a hammer. In Uganda, being killed by an iron instrument is called an “iron-bar killings.”

Ugandan security forces have arrested one suspect and continue to look for others. The police have noted that this crime could be linked to a series of other murders that have taken place in the neighborhood. They also speculate that the murder could have been part of a burglary and not related to his homosexuality.

Homosexuality, however, is illegal in Uganda. The punishment is a term up to 14 years.

Via Impunity Watch.

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