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Ohio Has First All White Cabinet Since 1960s


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New Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich has hired “the best possible team” to head up the states twenty-odd government agencies.

Apparently, all of “the best” workers in Ohio in 2011 are white – and most of them are men.

This whitewashing of Ohio’s Cabinet hasn’t gone unnoticed by the people of the state. The Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial board points out that although “there is absolutely nothing in his background to suggest” that he intended to appoint an all-white Cabinet, “Ohioans have to wonder just how widely Kasich and his transition team cast their nets to reel in the catch they did. The last Ohio governor with an all-white Cabinet was Mike DiSalle; he left office in 1963, when Kasich was 10 years old.”

UPDATE: I’d also like to point out this lovely piece by Connie Schultz, in which Schultz points out that John Kasich, who (like all Republicans) has called for less government spending, raised his chief of staff’s pay $47,000 to over $170,000. At the same time, he has cut the salaries of the lowest paid workers in his administration: in one case, from $35,000 to $23,000 a year.

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